AMA Charter Club Number 948
Adopted May 2, 1991 Updated August 1, 2016  


1.01 Club Name 
    A. The name of this Club shall be the River Valley Flyers, which may be abbreviated as the RVF Club. 
    B. Official emblems or logos for the Club may be adopted if approved by a majority at any regular Club meeting. 

1.02 Club Purpose 
    A. To promote the sport of radio controlled model aircraft construction and flying in the Central Wisconsin area for the             enjoyment and recreation of Club members by: 
        1. Providing a forum for persons with common interests in aero modeling and other related activities; and, 
        2. Providing a suitable location for regular Club meetings; and, 
        3. Providing and maintaining a site for the exclusive use of Club members at which they may conduct their flying                     activities; and, 
        4. Sponsoring activities which will assist Club members with improving their model building and flying skills; and, 
        5. Sponsoring activities which will improve public relations and awareness related to model aeronautics. 
    B. To support the broader aspects of model aviation through affiliation, as a charter club, with the Academy of Model               Aeronautics (AMA). 
    C. To welcome all individuals as members who support the purposes of the Club, and abide by its By-Laws and rules,             regardless of age, race, color, creed, religion, sex, or place of national origin. 


1.03 Eligibility 
    A. Membership shall be open to any person who: 
        1. Supports the purposes of the Club; and, 
        2. Maintains a current AMA membership for the size and class of plane they are flying [Open Membership-any class,               Park Pilot Membership-small electrics two pounds and under] and, 
        3. Maintains a valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license if required for R/C aircraft operation; and, 
        4. Obeys the rules, regulations and license requirements of the Club; and, 
        5. Complies with the AMA safety code. 

1.04 Membership Types 
     A. This section defines different membership types for which the Club may establish different dues, responsibilities and            privileges. 
     B. Age Classes: 
         1. Full Member: Eighteen years of age or older. 
         2. Junior Member: Under age eighteen 
         3. A member's age shall be that age attained on or before January 1st of the year for which membership is sought. 
     C. Sponsorship for Junior Members: Junior Members are required to have a Full member as a Sponsor, whose                        obligations as a Sponsor shall be to: 
         1. Assure that Club rules relating to the safety of the Junior Member and others are explained and understood by the             Junior Member; and, 
         2. Supervise or inspect R/C model aircraft construction by the Junior Member; and, 
         3. Arrange for instruction of the Junior Member in R/C model aircraft flying. 
     D. Dues Classes: For dues purposes, three membership classes are established including: 
         1. Single Membership: applies to one individual Club member. 
         2. Family/Group Membership: applies to more than one Club member who meets one or both of the following                        requirements: 
              a. All members covered by a Family/Group Membership have a direct spouse or offspring relationship. 
              b. A Full Member Sponsor may include up to two Junior Members who are not directly related by an offspring                         relationship in a Family/Group Membership.
         3. Guest Membership: applies to individuals who are paid members of another AMA club who wish to join for the use              of the flying site only. Guest members shall have no voting rights, only flying privileges. 


1.05 Member Rights 
     A. All members shall have voting rights, except Guest Members and Junior Members. 
     B. All members shall have the privilege to utilize Club provided flying site(s). C. All members shall have the right to                 participate in Club sponsored activities. 


1.06 Termination 
      A. Membership is terminated under the following conditions:
          1. Death: 
              a. Dues pro-rated for the remainder of the year shall be refunded to the member's surviving family. 
          2. Delinquency:
              a. Membership is terminated when a member is delinquent, beyond any specified grace period, in the payment of                  Club dues, fees, or special assessments
              b. Notice of termination shall be mailed by the Club Secretary to the last known address of the member. Formal                     notification is not required for normal annual membership renewals
              c. There shall be no refund of any kind for delinquency.
          3. Withdrawal: 
              a. A member may terminate membership by submitting a written request to withdraw. 
              b. Club Officers may authorize refunds of dues for the remaining portion of the year, and release the terminating                     member from all other Club obligations, if in the Officers judgment, the withdrawal is fully or partly a matter of                   circumstances not under the member's control (examples: health, job transfer, family relocation, etc.). 
          4. Expulsion: 
              a. A member may be expelled for violating any of the rules of the Club, or for conduct unbecoming the purposes                    of the Club. 
              b. The Secretary shall provide written notice to any member proposed to be expelled, giving reasons therefore.                       Notice shall be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the meeting when an expulsion vote will be taken. 
              c. A member proposed for expulsion shall have the right to defend his conduct at the meeting wherein the                            expulsion vote will be taken.
              d. All voting members shall be notified in an appropriate manner a minimum of five days prior to the meeting                        when an expulsion vote will be taken. 
              e. A vote to expel a member must pass by not less than 2/3rds of the members in attendance at a Club meeting,                   and a quorum of at least 50% of the voting membership must be present, for the action to take effect. 
      B. Upon termination of membership, all rights of the member in the Club or its property shall cease. 
      C. Membership and all rights are not transferable. 

1.07 Reinstatement 
      A. Withdrawals and Delinquencies. 
          1. Within 12 months following the date of a withdrawal or delinquency, a member shall make payment for all special              assessments levied during the 12-month period, and not previously paid by the member seeking reinstatement. 
          2. Reinstatements occurring in the same year or one year following a withdrawal or delinquency shall not be treated               as a new membership 
      B. Expulsions, 
          1. An expelled member must request reinstatement in writing. 
          2. All voting members shall be notified in an appropriate manner a minimum of five days prior to the meeting when              a reinstatement vote will be taken. 
          3. A vote to reinstate an expelled member must pass by not less than 2/3rds of the members in attendance at a                    Club meeting, and a quorum of at least 50% of the voting membership must be present for the action to take                    effect. 
          4. Reinstatement is also subject to the other conditions of Paragraph 1.07A above. 


2.01 Fiscal Year 
      A. The Club fiscal year shall correspond to the calendar year, and begin on January 1st of each year. 
2.02 Club Dues 
      A. Club dues shall be established by the membership, voting at any regular or special meeting when members are                   notified in advance that discussion of dues is on the agenda. 
      B. The membership may vote different dues for different classes of membership as set forth under Paragraph 1.04. 
      C. The most recent dues established by the membership are listed below: 

                  Membership Classes Annual Dues:

                      Full $40.00
                     Junior $15.00
                     Family/Group Memberships: $45.00 
                     Guest Membership: $20.00

       D. Partial Year New Memberships 

           1. Dues shall not be pro-rated for new members joining at any time during the fiscal year. 
           2. New members joining after August 1st shall be allowed to renew membership for the following calendar year for                a dues amount equal to one-half of the applicable annual dues rate. 

       E. Dues Receipt. 

           1. Annual Membership Card as evidence that an individual is a member of the Club. The Treasurer shall provide                     after:
                     a. Payment of dues is made 
                     b. The individual provides verification of AMA membership. 

2.03 Assessments 

        A. Assessments may be levied upon Club members by the membership, voting at any regular or special meeting. 
        B. All voting members shall be notified in an appropriate manner a minimum of five days prior to the meeting when               an assessment vote will be taken. . 
        C. A vote to levy an assessment must pass by not less than 2/3rds of the members in attendance at a Club meeting,               and a quorum of at least 50% of the voting membership must be present for the action to take effect. 

2.04 Dates Payable-Grace Periods 

         A. New Members 
             1. Full payment of all applicable Club dues and fees are due upon application for membership.

B. Club Members: 
1. Annual Dues: Due by January 1st of each year. 
2. Assessments: Due by the regular Club meeting after the levy is made
3. Any member whose membership expires after January 1st of a given year shall be considered inactive for that year until his or her dues are paid for that year. 


3.01 Description of Club Officer Positions 

A. The following officer positions are recognized: 

1. President 
2. Vice President/Secretary Treasurer 
3. Treasurer
4. Safety Officer 

B. Term of Office: The term of office shall be one year

3.02 Duties of Club Officers: 

Officers shall have the following duties and responsibilities: 

A. President 
1. Act as official spokesman for the Club. 
2. Conduct all official Club business meetings. 
3. Appoint Committees. 
4. Establish the agenda for business meetings. 
5. Prepare an article for publication in each issue of the Club newsletter. 
B. Vice President/Secretary 
1. Serve as acting President in the President's absence.
2. Record and maintain minutes of Club business meetings. 
3. Renew the annual AMA Club Charter. 
4. Issue official notifications regarding membership status. 

C. Treasurer 
1. Serve as President and/or Vice President/Secretary when these officers are absent. 
2. Collect receipts, pay expenditures, and maintain a record of all Club financial transactions. 
3. Prepare a statement of annual receipts and expenditures of the Club, and present the statement in writing to the membership at the regular January business meeting. 
4. Prepare an annual budget for each upcoming year, and present the budget for approval by vote of the membership during the regular November business meeting. Proposed changes in annual Club dues or fees should also be considered at that time. 
5. Issue annual Membership Cards. 
6. Maintain current records of membership status for Club members. 
7. Provide copies of Club By-Laws and other Club rules and regulations to new members. 

D. Safety Officer 
1. Maintain a listing of current Club safety rules. 
2. Respond to questions regarding interpretation of Club safety rules. 
3. Recommend implementation of additional safety rules or procedures for Club sponsored activities. 
4. Prepare at least one article each year for publication in the official Club newsletter. 

3.03 Elections 

A. Nominating Committee Appointment: The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee Chairman by September 1st of each year from the membership. The Chairman shall select a committee consisting of a minimum of three members. )
Any interested member, who specifically requests, shall be allowed to serve on the Nominating Committee.  

B. The Nominating Committee shall present a recommended slate of officers at the regular October business meeting. The slate of officers shall consist of at least one nominee for each Club office. In developing it's recommendations, the Committee shall comply with the following requirements: 

1. Nominations shall be solicited from the membership at large. All nominations by Club members must be made directly to the Nominating Committee. 
2. No member shall be nominated for Club office unless the member has been contacted and indicates an interest to serve in the designated capacity. 
3. If more than one member specifically requests to be nominated for a Club office, the names of all interested persons must appear on an election ballot. 
4. The ballot and Committee recommendations shall he published in the November issue of the Club newsletter. 

C. Elections shall be held at the regular November business meeting, and conducted using one of the following methods: 

1. Uncontested ballot: Where there is only one individual nominated for one or more officer positions, these positions may be voted on by a single motion, a second and general membership vote. 

2 Contested ballot: Where there is more than one individual nominated for one or more officer positions, the election will proceed as follows: 

a. An election will be held for each contested officer position, and the winner will be determined by a majority of the votes received. Tie votes shall be broken by a coin toss. 

3.04 Vacancies 

A. If a vacancy occurs after August 1st, the remaining officers shall accept the duties of the vacant office until the annual elections. 

B. If a vacancy occurs before August 1st, the President or acting President shall appoint a replacement. 


4.01 Regular Business Meetings 

A The Club shall strive to hold regular monthly business meetings on the first Thursday of each month at a convenient location and time. 
B. The President may adjust the date of regular monthly business meetings to avoid conflicts with holidays or other events. 

4.02 Special Meetings 

A. A special business meeting may be called under the following conditions:
1. At the discretion of the President. 
2. When three or more members petition the President. 

B No business shall be conducted at special meetings other than what has been identified in the special meeting notice. 

4.03 Meeting Notices  

A. Regular business meetings need not be noticed if held at the regularly established place and time. 
B. For Special meetings, notifications shall be mailed or e-mailed to all Club members no fewer than five business days prior to the date of the meeting, except that if a majority of Club officers agree that an emergency exists, notice may be made by telephone anytime in advance of the meeting. 

4.04 Quorum 

A. The required quorum for amending these By-Laws shall be fifty (50) percent of the members at a given meeting. The issue must be voted on at two (2) consecutive meetings with three (3) club officers present, and all members must be notified of an upcoming meeting vote on the Amendment change.
B. Unless indicated otherwise in these By-Laws, the required quorum for all other matters subject to a vote of the membership shall be twenty percent of the members. 

4.05 Methods of Voting 

A. All voting shall be by show of hands, except under the following conditions when a secret written ballot shall be used: 

1. When elections are held for contested officer positions. 
2. For all expulsion votes as described in Paragraph 1.06A(4). 
3. For all reinstatement votes as described in paragraph 1.07B 
4. When a motion is made, seconded and passed to conduct voting by secret written ballot. 

B. There shall be no proxy voting. 


5.01 Standing Committees 

The following committees shall be formed each year: 

A. Newsletter 
1. The Newsletter Committee shall publish and mail a Club newsletter on a monthly basis to members with meeting notifications and other information related to the hobby and the Club. 

B. Field Maintenance 
1. The Field Maintenance Committee shall: 
a. Plan and recommend improvements to the Club flying field. 
b. Organize at least one annual maintenance day, and seek to maximize the involvement of the general membership with this event. 
c. Organize other maintenance activities as required. 
d. Arrange for mowing of the flying field. 

C. Membership/Public Relations 
1.The Membership/Public Relations Committee shall: 
a. Organize programs to attract new Club members. 
b. Organize programs to improve general public awareness regarding Club activities, and foster a responsible club image. 

5.02 Special Committees 

A. Special Committees may be formed at any time for continuous or event specific duties. Examples of special committees include: Awards Banquet; Winter Indoor Fun-fly, Pattern Contest; Summer Fun-fly, and Mall Show. 

5.03 Committee Appointments 

A. All committees shall be appointed by the President, after consultation with the Club officers. The President may, at his discretion or if so directed by the Club, appoint only the chairman, and allow the chairman to gather the remaining committee members. 

B. Size: Committees may consist of any number of persons. The club may establish a specific size if it so desires. 

C. Term: 
1. Standing Committees shall be appointed by February 1st of each year, and shall remain in effect for the entire calendar year. 
2. Special Committees shall be appointed for a specific length of time, or to a specific task assignment. 

D. Unless established otherwise by the Club, a committee may be dissolved at any time by the President after consulting with other-Club officers. 


6.0 AMA Safety Code 

A. All Club members shall be familiar with and comply with the current AMA Safety Code. 

6.02 Flying Field Rules 

A At all flying fields for which it is responsible, the Club shall establish rules of conduct regarding such items as safety, frequency control, and courtesy. These rules shall be adopted as an addendum to these by-laws, and as such be entitled to the same considerations as the by-laws in matters of notice, adoption, amendment and grounds for expulsion for non-observance. 

6.03 Pilot Training Program 

A. The Club may establish a pilot training program for its members, which encourages safe use of the flying field, proper flight instruction for members new to the hobby, and recognizes advancement in flying skills. If established, this program shall be adopted as an addendum to these by-laws, and as such be entitled to the same considerations as the by-laws in matters of notice, adoption, amendment and grounds for expulsion for non-observance. 

6.04 Other Rules 

A. The Club may adopt other rules, and determine whether they are simple rules, or amendments to these by-laws. 


7.01 General 

A. The Club shall be operated as a not for profit organization. 
B. The Club may establish dues, assessments, and other forms of revenue generating systems.  
C. All Club expenditures shall be consistent with the Club Purpose as defined under Article I above. 

7.02 Accounts and Special Funds 

A. Records: The Treasurer shall maintain a record of accounts for Club expenditures and receipts, and report the current balances at each monthly Club meeting. 

B. At a minimum, a checking account shall be maintained. The Treasurer may also maintain a separate conventional savings account for funds not immediately required for general operating expenses. No other types of investment vehicles are allowed. 

C. Special Funds: The Treasurer may also maintain Special Fund Accounts when approved by the Club. An example of a Special Fund Account is a flying field improvement account where capital is accumulated for the purpose of implementing major improvements. 

7.03 Conditions under Which Expenditures May Be Made 

A. Budgeted Expenditures 

1. An annual budget shall be approved by the Club no later than the regular December business meeting prior to the effective year. Budgeted expenditures do not require separate Club approval unless specifically stated in the annual budget, or by the motion to approve the budget. 

B. Special Expenditures 

1. All expenditures not included in the annual budget require Club approval before the liability is incurred.  

2. Expenditures that are authorized by the annual budget, but will exceed the budgeted amount, require Club approval before the liability in excess of the budgeted amount is incurred. 

C. The Club is not responsible for any liabilities incurred by its members who do not receive proper authorization. 

7.04 Persons Authorized to Expend Club Funds 

A. Any designated member may expend Club funds. However, only the Treasurer or acting Treasurer may issue checks or withdraw from the savings account. 

B. After making expenditure, members shall submit a request for reimbursement to the Treasurer along with receipts or other acceptable supporting information. For large expenditures, the Treasurer may furnish an advance payment. However, the member must still provide receipts after the expenditure is made, and reconcile any difference between the amount advanced and the actual expenditure. 


8.01 Notice Requirements 

A. An act to dissolve the Club shall have the same notification requirements as an amendment to the By-Laws. 

8.02 Adoption 

A. The quorum for a meeting to dissolve the Club shall have the same requirements as an amendment to the By-Laws. 
B. Passage of a motion to dissolve the Club shall require an affirmative vote of 2/3rds of those present. 

8.03 Disposition of Club Assets 

A. Upon dissolution of the Club, all physical assets such as furniture or equipment shall be sold, and the proceeds along with any other financial assets, less any Club liabilities, shall be contributed to the Academy of Model Aeronautics. 
B. Any outstanding Club liabilities shall be the responsibility of the members at the time the Club is dissolved. 


9.01 Notice Requirements 

A. Notification is required in accordance with Paragraph 4.03 for a meeting to consider an amendment to the By-Laws. 

9.02 Adoption 

A. These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the membership. 
B. The quorum for a meeting to amend the By-Laws is defined in Paragraph 4.04. 
C. Passage of a motion to amend the By-Laws shall require an affirmative vote of 2/3rds of those present. 

9.03 Distribution 

A. All new members shall be provided a copy of the By-Laws, and any amendments. 
B. Existing members shall receive a copy of any amendments after they are adopted
C. The By-Laws shall be periodically updated, incorporating all amendments, and corrected copies should be made available to all members.